What’s going on?

So, our old blog account, thebeanspooner.com is no more.

We had hassle after hassle with it, and to make life easier for the 3 of us, our dog and our cat, we decided, like everything in life, sometimes it’s better to get rid of the old rubbish, the hangers on, so to speak, and grab the future with both hands and throttle it!

In the coming days, I will me adding more and more content.

The point of this blog, is to document OUR lives.

The world of Magoo too, refers to our son, who is currently 8 years old and is affectionately known to us, as Magoo.

Him becoming known as Magoo will become apparent the more you read on, and the more I post about life.

Nothing here is a work of fiction, nor have we used any artistic licence to embellish our lives. If at times our life seems a little boring or mundane, it’s just that, life!

But we do have some adventures, scrapes, random trips and fortunately for us, lots of trips to the beach and adventures in the ocean.

We are a family of three, a mom, a dad and a Magoo. We also have a faithful but old Scottie dog called Bruce, and an considerably annoying cat called Hobbes, who will no doubt feature from time to time.

If this interests you in anyway, please feel free to subscribe, follow, or just look in from time to time.

I will be trying to post daily about life, and a few times a week about other topics and adventures we have!

Enjoy, happy reading, and thanks for dropping by!

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