The times they are a changing.

Hello folks.

So with the demise of the last blog, due to lots of interfering factors, like we said previously, we are alot about starting again.

The main purpose is to write down our lives. The main author will normally be myself, and taken from my view point, Magoos mom will sometimes chip in once in a while, and there will obviously be quoted and view points from the man himself, Magoo.

I’m Magoos dad.

I’m very proud to be his dad. It’s very clichéd, but I’m 41 soon, and in my nearly 41 years, he is honestly mine, and our greatest achievement. Well, so far!

There will be lots of random blog posts, as we do lots of random things, but then there will also be lots of posts, opinionated or not, about lots of different topics, normally whatever pops into my head, something that I’ve experienced, or mainly what catches my eye and personally from my view point, or even what I find funny.

I know not everyone has the same viewpoint, or even the same sense of humour. If you find yourself offended, or not even laughing, I honestly can’t help that, as that’ your opinion, and like I’ve said, we are not all the same.

I really hope you find this blog interesting, funny or even eye opening.


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