If Joy Division did anthems….

Oh wait…they do!

Isolation. Social distancing.

I’m not jumping in the virus bandwagon, there’s no point as there are 100 other people springing up from out of the cracks, giving out free sage advice on what not to do.

Social isolation and distancing in our small sea side harbour village is pretty easy.

In the past 3 to 4 weeks, we may have seen and walked past no more than 20 people.

We are lucky to a point. We live in a village that is built around a very old fishing harbour. It’s a seaside postcard village. But, its not very populated all year round. Which, at present is a bonus.

On the road we live on, there are about 20 houses, there are no more than 5 houses occupied full time all year round.

Yes, you can moan about second home owners, townies, tourists etc, but right now, right in this shitty predicament we find the entire world in, I’m glad we live in the village we do.

We have one direct neighbour, who lives on her own with her dog. We wave at her from our kitchen window, or if we go out to go down to the downstairs laundry room. And she does the same back.

We take walks, no more than an hour around the beautiful harbour we live in. It should, this time of year, be rammed to the rafters with all types of people, from all walks of life. But it’s not.

The beach is eerily quiet, the sea is the calmest I’ve ever seen it. Again, the beach should be crammed with either pasty white skinned people, or those who are nearing the end of their holiday, pinker than a crab stick…..but it’s not. The sea should be full of idiots, using paddle boards that they’ve paid way too much for, in wetsuits thinking they are Swayze and Reeves in point break, but it’s not. The only ripples on the water are from shoals of fish chasing each other under the surface.

It’s creepy, but it’s also a sort of bliss.

I don’t think I’d want to socially isolate anywhere else.

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