Mom, when did you get your medical degree?

So, lock down. I could, like every other person in the world, jump on the lock down and virus bandwagon. But whats the point?! Honestly, please tell me!

I have written a blog for nearly two years previously, but due to circumstances out of my control ( I’m not an affluent member of the school community, so had pissed many, many people off and it was easier to delete the old blog and start this one anew) and pencilgate was also the icing on the cake, so I’m akin to avoiding many, if not all topical scenario’s and debates as they don’t really bother or concern me at all.

For me, that’s not the point of this blog!

But, I am going to touch on social isolation as we are a family, who live in a small coastal harbour village, in the arse end of Cornwall.

I’m not a fan of social media, but I do see the benefits of it, but I have also seen and witnessed the shittier, negative side of social media that so few of you are willing to comment on, or even mention!

Magoo has been off school for 1 week, 2 weeks for Easter, and then is now back this coming Thursday….so in theory, he’s been out of the school environment for 4 weeks!

He finished school a week earlier than he should have, due to his school taking the sensible idea, as well as being told by the government to close, with the rest of the countries education system!

He has work to do, via an amazing google classroom app that they use, which is a total bonus.

Lock down with him has been essentially pretty good. He’s had a few ups and downs, but it’s not surprising.

There was a Tuesday in the second week, for some unknown reason, Magoo had the shittiest day that he’s had for months. He literally drove us both to nearly loosing our fucking minds, and me personally, my temper!

But that was another day, another week.

Please remember that this blog, is mainly written and maintained by myself, Magoo’s dad, unless Magoo’s mom chips in and states that a post is written by her.

So this is mainly from my view point.

I’m not racist, homophobic, sexist or any other ist or phobics…..

These ramblings are just my view points.

But let’s get back to my hatred of social media.

Since the breakout of this horrible C word virus, I’ve fallen out of love with social media even more. Sort of like a missing family member that’s resurfaced after years away, that everyone has welcomed back with open arms, but you still know is a complete wanker and want to avoid like an overly full cat litter tray that needs emptying!

I have noticed the massive amounts of people who have taken to social media, mainly Facebook, giving sage advice and pearls of wisdom from Medical advice to boredom tips.

My favourite has to be all of the ‘COVID-19 (insert your area) support and advice groups……

The groups of people who have become cooking , fitness and medical authority’s all over night, for no interesting reason, other than all of their online community are vain and shallow and don’t actually want to tell them how fucking annoying they are, how wrong they are, or how ridiculous they are being, but instead are sharing and liking the posts they post, to multiple platforms, therefore increasing their egos and the amount they post!

I particularly like the medical ones. They are mainly posted by people, who previously have seemed dumber than a box of frogs, and more useless than a chocolate fireguard in hell. But all of a sudden, out of nowehere, they are medical officianados….!

I honestly didn’t know you could get any forms of medical qualifications that make you an expert, overnight and from social media….I mean, if you can, all you people who went to college, University, or worked your way up through the rankings and gained years of experience, totally wasted your time, money and energy…..

But it’s ok…we have the online community to check with. In my Facebook and Instagram circle alone, I have gone from having around 10 medically trained, highly skilled professionals, whose judgement I trust, to having maybe 50, even 75 people, who have, by the look of their posts, become PHD level authorities, on everything from genealogy, dermatology, virology and every other ology you can think ok!

Amazing that!

But it might just be me.

Like I said, I have a hatred of social media, so I might be biased, but I might also have been brought up with common sense, a brain, and not to believe everything everyone tells me

I could be wrong, but I suppose I better check with social media first!

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