To bowl or not to bowl, is it even a question?

Haircuts….are they still a fashionable thing?

I’ve not paid to have my hair cut since about 1998 or 1999….it was last century, at a barber’s when we lived in Derby, called McFlys, a lifetime ago…..I think it cost under £5.

I shave my head now, either with clippers if the weather is colder, or with a razor if it’s warmer, for that all over smooth feel…..!

Anyways…with lockdown in full swing, the new trend on social media is ‘at home haircuts’. I’m not stupid enough to suggest it to Magoo’s mom, so……after seeing his best friend have a mohawk cut done by his own dad (not mega short), Magoo asked me to sort his every growing head of hair out.

I’ve shaved his head with clippers before, 2 summers ago if I’m right. He was ok with the end result, but wasn’t keen on the shaving part as I think it made his head bounce and vibrate too much.

So one day last week, he asked for it to be done. I literally jumped at the chance.

We took a few minutes to decide how long, or short he wanted it. He is only allowed a grade 2 or longer for school. School isn’t on at the moment and school at home, really doesn’t give a flying fuck about the length of his hair, as it doesn’t really matter does it?!

But a grade 2 was decided, as he has it this length when he goes to have his hair cut done properly and when I get robbed of a tenner for the privilege of sitting watching him have it done!

The shaving started and ended pretty quickly and painlessly. I will admit I just nicked his ear when neatening the edges up, but I reckon it’s because he moved, not from my dodgy eye sight.

The end result… hippie looking skinhead. Think a cross between the Addams family kid, a shaved coconut and bowling ball that talks…..alot!

But it honeslty suits him. He loves it.

I will admit though, he has one weird shaped head!

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