Morgan Freeman is the narrator right?!

We are in a world wide pandemic situation right now….we get it.

I’ve noticed that everyone has turned into blogger or vlogger. Some have even mastered the art of producing some high end video footage of the most random shit I’ve ever seen. We are talking studio footage quality, so it’s amazing that so many of these people blatantly have new iPhones, amazing editing software and some spare time on their hands. Don’t we all.

But back to the matter at hand. Due to what’s going on right now, everyone is documenting everything they are doing. Are you? Have you noticed this? Or do you really need to use social media to see the affects?

Either way, lots of people are giving us way, way too many insights into their normally boring and mundane lives. But now they are videoing themselves folding sheets, entertaining their offspring and generally showing why some people really have faces for radio!

I don’t care if you want to take your bin out in a ball gown, even less so, do I need video footage of it.

I saw someone the other day, showing you how to correctly fry an egg. It wasn’t correct, as that’s not how I like my eggs fried… how is it correct? It’s correct for the person doing the amateur documentary on how THEY like their eggs fried, not how you the viewer like it done. I’m no expert, but I know there’s more than one way to do it….and it isn’t friend in coconut oil for a bloody start…..blasphemy!

I’m honestly not knocking anyone. Like I said, the world is slowing going tits up right now, and hopefully it will right itself, but do we really need to see some of the random things people are doing?

I get that there’s a slight hint of irony in this, as youy are reading this from a blog, but even though this blog is new(er), I’ve been doing this for some time, so haven’t just jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak.

Anyways , I blog and write, as I really do have a face for radio!

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