6 months in a leaky boat, lucky just to keep afloat!

So, the last 6 months.

Where would you like me to start?

Beginning, middle or the end, which I doubt will ever occur, for a while.

I could mention about homeschooling, home in general, the world wide pandemic, lock down, food, mental health, kids, animals, my best friend and go to person dying, the weather, schooling, the list is if I’m honest, never ending.

BUT I’m not going to.

We have all been in the same situations, some worse than others, some more positive than others, and I reckon you are all sick of that crap.

I haven’t written anything since March of this year. I’ve honestly had no interest to, why would I? I’ve had loads of real world stuff to be getting on with.

But I also think if I don’t start writing again soon, I may never.

And I really want to give you all an insight into my mundane life.

Saying that, every day since I stopped writing, I have had one visitor to my page and blog. Which seems a little odd, like someone is waiting and watching for me to post something.

Or that might just be me!

Anyways, I’m trying to find the time to write again.


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