9, Nine, Neuf , Neun, Nove!

No, I am not auditioning for the role of the ‘French policeman’ from ‘Allo Allo, nor am I trying to call the emergency services in the Uk and slip with an extra number , twice.

I’m reminding myself that Magoo, the one and only, turns 9 years of ages, in the next few weeks.

9……where has it gone?

It’s scary to think, like all parents probably do, that time is slipping away so quickly. It also marks another year of myself, and Magoos mom getting older, but time isn’t creeping up on her as fast as it is me.


Nearly Nine…..9.

Still just as proud of him as always, if not a little bit more, each year.

If some of my posts seem a bit short, erratic or random, it’s because I’m trying to write things down that come to me, that I need to add, but then as soon as I start, I think to of something else to write about, so want to get this current post finished asap.

The joys of a never quiet mind!

It’s very cliched to say that time does fly when kids are little, and that you need to cherish every moment….but it really does.

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