New and improved?!

Again, hello.

I’ve recently decided that I really need to up my game in the blog department.

I haven’t been writing nearly as much as I should have for this blog.

I used to post daily, about random crap and the usual goings on in our lives. Some of you liked this, and some of you didn’t.

The ones that didn’t, made a real point about being cretinous arseholes.

But hey, there’s always one. But in my case, alot more than one.

Anyways, back to the matter in hand.

I’ve started watching alot of YouTube videos on something called Vlogmas.

This is where usual bloggers on the site post daily, shorter than normal videos, leading up to the inevitable feast of Christmas on the 25th.

So I thought, just to annoy the many and amuse the few, I’d post a new blog entry each day, up until the 25th. It may be short and sweet or long and boring (more likely than not, short and sweet).

So, apart from getting back to my normal ramblings, I’ll throw in a few Christmas blog posts as well.

So it’s the 3rd today.

So expect 3 new posts before the end of today, as I’m a little late to the party and want to catch up and annoy you all!

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