The highlander…..

Sorry…I’m really trying to take 2021 a little more seriously than most years, but to be honest, it’s not in my nature to be a sheep hearding cockwomble.

Take the title of the first blog post. The highlander….you know, as there can be only one….and there certainly can only be one first of the year blog posts (even though technically this is my second after earlier’s mini update), but you know what I mean.

I could rant on about new years resolutions that I want to make and try and keep, but as I’m not a middle aged vegan hipster wannabe, I’m a little too long in the tooth to be making any new years resolutions that I know I’m never going to stick to or keep, or even share them with you all. As well, that’s just bullshit.

To summarise the start of 2021….it’s the same as any year…it’s the 1st. It’s wet, it’s gloomy, everyone and their dog has wished us happy new year on any and all social media platforms.

Magoo opened up his new calendar, this year we have Minecraft… looks a fun one, but I doubt it’s going to beat the Pokémon one we had last year, or yesterday, in my cynical view point.

We played some card games, watched some T.V. There’s a new Transformers cartoon on Netflix we watch together, and the second part was out, so we watched a little of that.

I’m not overly keen on new year’s day, but I doubt anyone really is.

Oh, we also had a wander around village, dodging all the fucking holiday makers that seem to think they are impervious to Covid-19, and watched all the Instagram famous (insert, wankers) draw ‘Happy new year/Happy 2021’ in the sand on the beach, and then watched them scramble up onto the quay side to take a good vantage point photo.

I’m sure Instagram will have been filled with loads of overly filtered photos of the beach with 2021 something or other!

And that was our new years day.

Happy 2021 sheep’s!

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