What a pair

I still can’t take this new year seriously yet.

The 2nd day has come and gone very fast.

It started pretty shit. The cat, Hobbes was showing signs of costing us money yesterday. Totally forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post.

He’s a vocal cat, a bit of cretin. He purrs alot, meows alot and is a general pain in the arse, but aren’t all cats?

Anyways…he wasn’t himself last night. Magoo’s mom called the vets to see what we could do, and after having a heart attack at the price they were going to charge us, a quick check was made over the phone and it was decided as he was showing now significant sign on being in pain, we would take him the following morning.

So off she went. Long story short, he’s ok. Nothing is broken, squashed, squished or where it shouldn’t be. The vet seemed to think he had pulled a muscle or dislodged something. She gave him some pain meds that are in liquid form. He’s had his first days dose, so I can imagine how much fun this is going to be for the next week trying to squeeze god knows what down his throat everyday….


So….the second day of a new year…..

Highlight. Magoo went into the cupboard to get a snack….he then proceeded to whack his forehead on the corner of the cupboard door.

Now…we are good parents, but head injuries always make us laugh a little bit too much and way to unnecessarily. Which of course we did do. Both of us.

It was a, you needed to be there moment, to have found it as funny as we did. But I’m assuming normal parents may have gone to his rescues quicker than we both did. We did have to wait till we could breathe properly before asking if he was ok. He was!

I did however decide late on the evening that I was going to try my hardest to annoy people with these blog posts and try and post the full years worth. Whether they were long and interesting or boring and short.

Post a day!

Nothing else happened. We are under tier 3 lockdown due to Covid restrictions, so apart from potter around the village, walk the dog and try and stay dry and warm (the weather is wet and shitty), that’s about it!

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