Monday….the 4th.

What a fucking day.

I could easily leave it like that.

The cat. My day revolved around the cat.

The cat who was once called a serial killer, was lying lifeless on our bedroom floor covered in his own piss.

He really wasn’t in a good way. Long story made short so not as to stir up any mind numbing memories….he’s at the vet…super dehydrated and low in iron and some other bits and bobs.

They popped him on a drip and made sure he was comfy as they think his kidneys have failed. So time will tell…it’s a waiting game.

In other news, we spent alot of our day sorting the cat out and wondering what would be going on with school, if anything, on Tuesday. We also spent alot of our time Pokémon hunting and collecting pictures of Pokémon to colour in.

Magoo is 9. He has the most fantastic memory, so Pokémon is a thing/theme he’s always liked, been drawn to and waffles on about. He also likes to colour stuff in, so we combined the two and he selected his ultimate team of Pokémon to battle with, and then a team for them to battle against. He researched them all, found black and white pictures on Google, printed them off and then enlisted my help in pain stakingly colouring them in!

Which as any parent will tell you, was a joy (!) to do with him!

Oh, and we aren’t going back to school. Joy
Home schooling again for the foreseeable future. This is fine by me. Magoo is an excellent student and works his arse off to learn anything new. He retains information like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

So while Magoo’s mom is still active in her job, I’ll take over the role of teacher….and see how long it is before I threaten to murder him for being a little shit!

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