The 5th, I think.

Remember remember the 5th of….

Oh hold on….I’m getting ahead of myself.

Hobbes update. He had a good night…the vet said his potassium levels were pathetically low and normally she would expect a cat to be dead. But not him….. Shithead!

He had an ok night and later in the day she called to say that he had had some water, and was now having to be tube fed food, as he wasn’t interested in eating. The vet said if he hadn’t peed by late evening, then the worse case scenario will have happened and his kidneys will have said goodbye, and it might be time to go and say our last good byes.

We called about 6pm. He had been ok for the rest of the afternoon, and had finally had a pee…..might not seem major to you, but to us, him having a pee was a little bit of a life saver…for now anyways!

Magoo’s mom was at work all day so that meant the two of us were left at home together….how long before we would try to murder each other?!

We actually spent the day sorting the kitchen out which is our home school area.

We made sure the printer was all working nice and right, and that both laptops, mine and Magoo’s mom’s, were working properly and logged into all the things we needed, ready for the start of school the next day.

I’m also not being a show off, by saying we have two laptops, one is mine, the other is Magoo’s mom’s for work.

He uses it for school, as mine is a bit complicated for him, and we’ve found its way easier us both having one to use, instead of crowding round one, trying to sort his work out.

So that all sorted, we pottered and did our usual random crap.

Tomorrow school starts. It looks like he will be doing a little bit for the next three days, to ease them all back into home learning and then next Monday, they hit the ground running, so to speak.

His school, oddly, have been fantastic with home learning information, which is great.

Like I said before, he loves learning, and thrives off of it. So we normally find him more than his alloted school work to do…it doesn’t hurt to learn a little extra.

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