I have no idea

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whenever you are reading this, re-posting or emailing some one else, as you are having a huge Carly Simon moment.

Recent events……geesh, where shall I start?!

We’ve had a few deaths, a few losses, lots of laughter, sarcasm and most of all, family time.

I’m sorry that there is no photographic proof to our lives, but, well, tough shit.

If you’ve been spying, sorry, following for some time, on one platform or another, you will obviously know I have a huge, vast even, hatred of any and all forms of social media.

I honestly feel it has made most, if not all people fall out of contention with the real, physical world. From posting photos excessively of their food, cups of coffee, to overly staged photos of ‘unscheduled’ trips out as a happy and wonderful, smiley and happy as unicorn shit family. Which to be honest, if you actually have kid’s, you know, truthfully, that those moments occur once in a blue moon, By this, I mean everyone, altogether, happy and smiley at the same time. As you know, life isn’t a clothing magazine, and it shouldn’t be! We have just as many photo’s where we are all smiley and happy as we do of us looking like we are about to kill each other as you know, we are ‘normal’.

Now, I, we, do use social media, but rarely and mainly for keeping in touch with people we ACTUALLY like, for checking on music events, tv shows and some other random crap.

I found from a lock down perspective, that social media was a fascinating tool to show you peoples true colours. The hatred that I saw appear during lock down via social media was phenomenal. ‘Upstanding’ ( I use that term loosely) members of the community, turning into blazing homophobic, sexist, racist bigots, was off the charts. I found people that are supposed to be upstanding, well placed, and influential members of the wider community, to be horrible, nasty and down right vile racists. Shocking, but nothing that overly surprised me. If i’m honest.


I’m sure you can read into the above paragraph how you want to, I’m sure you will.

During the main period of lock down, I found myself, as a 40+ year old male, in a very odd position. I would assume I became another statistic of the vast amount people who suffered from mental health.

‘Oh god, another one, using that as an excuse’ I hear you read!

Yep. But my mental health wasn’t started, or brought on by Covid related reasons or lock down. So for starters, ball’s to you. I’ve been suffering for the past few years, and as a male, it can be hard to talk about it, or get help. I have no idea what triggered my mental health, but it wasn’t and still isn’t back to what everyone calls normal yet. I doubt it ever will be. It was bad to the point Magoo’s mom had to take some time off, so I wasn’t on my own at any point during waking hours.

Anyways, if you want to know more about effects of mental health, I’m sure you know how to use google!

Magoo himself has had a few challenges to deal with.

He had a huge spate recently with the world of online gaming himself, and bullying. He wasn’t the bully, but witnessed it first hand happening to others. He’s 9. He has his online world monitored very closely, but let’s just say, we wish other kids had their world’s monitored, even just a tiny bit. Again, he witnessed foul, abusive language, used in the correct context, racism and threats of violence, all aimed at other children, from the mouths of other same aged children. We dealt with it our end, as in the games were unsubscribed, cancelled, highly monitored, but I doubt they were from the ends of the kids causing the trouble. But hey, they aren’t my kids, so if I’m honest, I don’t really care. If it happens again and affects Magoo, then that’s a different story to tell you all.

I have also found recently that I had fallen out with one of my all time loves, which is music. I have always found music as a soothing side affect to any anger, frustration and down right pissed offness that I have felt.

But i was going to write pages more on whats been going on, but i cant be arsed. That would give you way, way too much of an insight into our lives and whats been going on.

Read on, for more tantalising posts!

Good job you don’t have to pay a subscription fee!

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